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Sued on a Credit Card Debt by a Creditor or Debt Collector?  

Having a Problem with Mistakes on Your Credit Report?

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Sued on a zombie debt or old credit card debt by a creditor or debt collector?

Just because a creditor or debt collector sues you does not mean they are automatically entitled to a judgment.  They still have to prove their case.  Even though you know the facts of your case best, you are no match for the crowded courtroom and the experienced lawyer representing the creditor or collection agency.

Denied a credit card, mortgage or other credit due to errors on your credit report?

Each year, thousands of consumers are turned down for credit cards, mortgages and car loans due to inaccurate information in their credit reports.  You have the right to view your credit report and know what information is contained therein.  You can dispute information that is wrong and have it removed from your credit report.